Summer Getaway at Pinamuntugan Island

Pinamuntugan Island has very light sand, though it's not white. But the water is bluish-green. When we were swimming the current was quite strong in some parts that we were being tossed in the water like dolls.

The Breathtaking Aguirangan Island

It took my breath away! Its 1.5-hectare formation with white beach and crystal clear waters was so beautiful!

Jelly Fish: The Rarely Seen Beauty Under the Sea

Have you ever seen a jellyfish up close? I have. I think it's one of the most beautiful creatures of the sea.

August 30, 2011

Sea, Sand and Sun at Subic Beach, Matnog

Who is attracted to beaches? especially ones with pure, white sand? I AM! And I had a chance to visit this heavenly wonderful place in Matnog, Sorsogon where the sand in not just white, it's pinkish white which is more beautiful. I can sincerely say that it's like paradise on earth.The place I'm talking about is Subic Beach, in Calintaan Islands, Matnog, Sorsogon.

Good thing the weather was great yesterday. The sea was not so rough and we were able to enjoy the sea, sand and sun to the max!

One of the sights along the way to Subic Beach

First glimpse of Subic Beach :)

The shores we passed by gave a hint of what to expect. The white sand and crystal clear waters that the boat passed on heightened my excitement about the place even more. And truly, my first glimpse of Subic Beach took my breath away! It was so beautiful! It exceeded my expectations. 

I know some of you won't believe it without evidence so here are some pictures!

August 23, 2011

My First 15K Fun Run!

It was town fiesta in Guinobatan last week, August 14-15 to be exact. Although as Seventh-Day Adventists we don't celebrate this kind of event. It was just for fun that we joined the Fun Run activity organized by some of the Sangguniang Kabataan officers.

My friend Mandy was the one who informed me about the event. It so happened that I was home again in Guinobatan during the weekend so I decided to join. We enjoy hiking and just being with nature; since it's been a while since we got the chance to do that, this Fun Run activity was heaven sent. So we immediately registered and got the shirts to be worn for the activity. 

The categories included 3K, 5K and 15K. We decided to join the 15K Fun Run. From the municipal ground the route was to San Rafael-Maipon-Masarawag-Muladbucad Pequeno-Bubulusan-San Jose-Inascan-Banao-Guinobatan proper. I know! So far isn't it? Well it really is! I didn't want to finish it actually but my companions didn't want to give up halfway so  decided to stick it out. When we were in Banao that's when one of our companions said we should ride and so we did. I was so thankful we did because my feet were really hurting a lot by that time. 

But then it was a very enjoyable experience for me. It was my first time to join an official Fun Run activity. At least I can proudly say that I was able to join in one at least once in my lifetime! 

Here are some of our photos! 
Me Before leaving home

Got my number!

Running Mates!

August 14, 2011

Meet My New Shawbike

Although I didn't have a bike when I was younger, I was able to learn how to ride one. If I remember correctly, I learned from my Grandfather's bike. It was an old-fashioned one. It had a side-car attached to it but we remove it when we wanted to learn how to balance. Luckily I was able to learn through that bike, though not without some cuts and bruises!

Japanese Surplus Bike
After 29 years, I finally own a bike of my own so I can pedal around to my heart's content! The one I bought is a Japanese style bike. I actually bought it two weeks ago when I saw it in Ligao City. I fell in love with its basket the first time I laid eyes on it! It reminded of bikes used on Korean novelas :).
Reminded me of Korean Novelas
I knew then I just got to have it so next day I bought it with the help of my brother and sister-in-law. My sis-in-law alternately pedaled from Tuburan, Ligao City up to Muladbucad. My legs were really challenged by the task! It was tiring but fun at the same time! By the way I named it Shawbike.

Here are some pictures of my bike and our time biking! Enjoy!

My brother enjoying the bike

Sis-in-law posing with the new bike

Me posing with my Shawbike

August 2, 2011

What Typhoon Juaning Left Behind

Another strong typhoon hit Albay last week. The typhoon named Juaning left the province devastated once again. Guinobatan, Ligao, and Polangui were hit the hardest. The streets were flooded once again; the water reached almost to the knees in some locations while other had higher water levels.

I went home last weekend and I saw for myself the damage that Juaning brought to my hometown. The road in Maipon was impassable again. I wasn't able to see the place but according to my mother and bro, the sand brought by the flood was so high that it was really impossible to drive through. It's been a week now so perhaps the local government of Guinobatan had the problem fixed already. I wasn't able to take pictures of the site, which is too bad.

Ligao Bridge
Anyway, on Sunday afternoon we went on a drive to Ligao for an errand (I'm going to tell you more about this errand in my next post; maybe tomorrow). My brother, sis-in-law and I went to the Ligao bridge because I wanted to take some pictures of the damaged bridge there. Buses, jeepneys and private vehicles won't be able to make a shortcut to Tabaco via this bridge because it's totally damaged! The foundations are totally exposed now and if another strong flood comes along,  think it would collapse totally. Hope they get this fixed soon too!

Ligao Bridge
Ligao Bridge's exposed foundation