September 5, 2012

The Baby Inside!

A BABY! Yes we are having one! In fact, I’m already on my 14th week. We’ve actually known about it in the last week of June but I just got too lazy to write about it here. Don’t blame me too much from what I’ve read that laziness and inability to concentrate are among the things that occur to pregnant women during the first trimester.

Wow I can hardly believe there’s a tiny human being growing inside of me. Sometimes I still don’t think it’s real you know. And my tummy doesn’t have a proper bump yet and I can’t feel the baby so, sometimes I talk to myself and ask, “Is there really a baby in there?” But my OB assures me there is. In fact, she told me I’m lucky that I don’t get morning sickness or dizziness that a lot of pregnant women experience.

Hubby and I went for a checkup again last weekend and my OB tried to see if we can hear a heartbeat already but it was a no-go. She put a device (I don’t know what it’s called) with a sound detector attached to a speaker on my tummy and tried to listen for a heartbeat. Then there was a loud thudding sound but she said it’s not the baby but my pulse. She tried for several minutes but it couldn’t be detected just yet. She told me that by 18 weeks to 20 weeks the heartbeat would be easier to detect.

Pregnancy 14 Weeks
My baby is already 14 weeks I can hardly believe it! I kept reading about pregnancy at 14 weeks online. The articles say that my baby is fully formed at this point and the most amazing thing is that he/she can already make some facial expressions! He/she can now squint, grimace, frown and even suck a thumb! I’m really amazed how a baby can do that at just 3 ½ inches! Such is a miracle! 

It’s early stage yet baby so just relax in there. But know that Mama is excited to meet you!

Photo Credit: Babycenter