April 3, 2012

Meet My New Samsung Galaxy Y

Got a new phone! Surprising huh? Well, I actually had it for about a month now but I was not able to share it with you and I'm sorry for that. My new phone is not really that spectacular but it's enough for me. I don't need super high-end handsets that I won't even be able to use! You see, I don't really like to tinker much with my phone. I only do basic things with it like texting, calls, and play music. Other things I do in my PC.

Anyway, my new phone is the Samsung Galaxy Y. Got it from Smart network on a monthly 350php plan. Take note that's Y for Young. It's a lovely little phone that fits perfectly in my hands. With a dimension of 103.5 x 55.3 x 12.2 mm and 97.5g weight it should.

Now, I'm not going bore you with the tech specs but I just have to say it has great audio. Instead of turning on my PC to listen to my favorite songs I can now do so through my Galaxy Y phone.

By the way, this phone is my very first touchscreen phone. You might laugh but it's true it's because I don't usually buy a new phone unless it's absolutely necessary. In this case, I got so excited when I saw my brother using one and so I wanted to have one as well.