March 27, 2012

Just Airing My Frustration!

I took a long walk on the beach on Sunday for some fresh air and at the same time to clear my head. Sometimes things can just really get so overwhelming and frustrating that I just really want to smack somebody, particularly the cause of that frustration! This situation is just so tiring especially if you feel that you're the one who's carrying all the weight. It's supposed to be a partnership but most of the time it doesn't feel that way and I'm really getting tired of it! I hope I can still summon more patience or else, somebody's really gonna get smacked!

Anyway, just as I was walking the beach and watching the sky turn orange with the sunset, a foreign couple walked by. I thought they looked so sweet because they were holding hands as they treaded on the sand. I also noticed something funny. The woman was carrying a huge backpack while the guy only had a belt bag. Didn't the guy even offer to carry the bag for her? Where has chivalry gone? This made me think, it's just like in a relationship sometimes it's the woman who carries the weight, which should not be because it's supposed to be a partnership! I really don't know, maybe men in this era have become so dense and insensitive?