October 12, 2010

A Visit to the Bryant Feeding Center


Have you ever seen so much freshly baked bread in your life? I have! Last Sunday we went to a "factory" where soya milk and soya bread are made. This is located in Mabini, Irosin, Sorsogon. It's actually not that big but it's enough. This "factory" doesn't operate for profit. It exists for charity and the individuals working there are all missionaries of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It's called the Bryant Feeding Center that feeds indigent and malnourished children and adults. Right now the Center feeds about 1,000 individuals per day. The staple food fed to them is soya milk and soya bread. Too bad I forgot to ask who is financing the said center. But with such a noble cause, I hope this feeding center continues to operate for years to come so that other people, especially the less fortunate ones will continue to be blessed. 

Soya Beans
Ground Soya Beans