May 9, 2012

Sights Along the Way to Pinamuntugan Island Beach

Summer vacation is already halfway over and I think many of you out there are trying to squeeze every bit of enjoyment from the remaining time. And I think that a lot are still trying to get the best beach experience that can be found at Pinamuntugan Island in Bacacay, Albay. The place is definitely getting rave reviews.

I just found out that Pinamuntugan is a beach located in Barangay Langaton, Bacacay, Albay. It's not actually Pinamuntugan Island. At the back of the beach are actually residences so those who live there can simply walk and swim to get to the beach. And of course they can paddle going there. And apparently the Barangay fiesta in Langaton was last April 28-29. For sure lots of visitors took time to bathe at Pinamuntugan Beach!

So, I hope this new information comes in handy to those intending to go there.

Anyhow, here are some more great photos I took while on our way to Pinamuntugan Island or Beach rather. There were some very interesting rock formations along the way too! I saw a turtle-shaped islet. My friend Ryan pointed out something really interesting but I couldn't make it out while on our way to the beach. I only did when we were on our way back already! Just spot the most interesting photo here!

Turtle-shaped Islet


nice shots of aguirangan.. I never been there though it's just miles away from garchitorena (my town).How much will I expend if i will stay there for like 1 overnight?

wow! what a there any structures and amenities at pinamuntugan beach? how to get there from bacacay town proper? do i have to rent a boat, etc.? how much if ever?

Hi abby gail!

no there are no structures or amenities at pinamuntugan beach. it's pure nature :) You have to rent a boat from bacacay town proper. when we went there it cost us 1,800pesos.

Hope this helps :)

1,800.oo? is that a package deal for how many person?
is there a cottage or room that we can rent?
how much would be the cost of each cottage and room?

and how to get there if you're from Legazpi City proper?


Boat rental for 1800.00?
and for how many persons?

is there available cottages or room?
how much would be the cost.?


I wanna go there me and much much per they have cottage or room that where can we stay for the night....