Summer Getaway at Pinamuntugan Island

Pinamuntugan Island has very light sand, though it's not white. But the water is bluish-green. When we were swimming the current was quite strong in some parts that we were being tossed in the water like dolls.

The Breathtaking Aguirangan Island

It took my breath away! Its 1.5-hectare formation with white beach and crystal clear waters was so beautiful!

Jelly Fish: The Rarely Seen Beauty Under the Sea

Have you ever seen a jellyfish up close? I have. I think it's one of the most beautiful creatures of the sea.

August 9, 2007

Got My New Digi Cam!!!

I've been hankering for a digi cam for a long time now but my finances just didn't warrant it... But last week while looking around on ebay i saw this Kodak easyshare cam and decided it was too good to pass up. So i placed by bid.. and I WON!!! wow y first won item on ebay hehhehe. So this morning it finally arrived 9:30 via Air21. I can now enjoy taking pictures gorgeous panoramas and special occassions or just anything under the sun... hehe my Kodak EasyShare LS743!!!

Don't wonder if you can't see the cam in the pics posted coz its the one i used to take those haha!