May 11, 2013

Mayon Volcano Phreatic Explosion

Mayon Volcano is one of the most beautiful peaks in the world because of its almost perfect cone shape. But you know what? Beneath its beauty lies danger! But this beauty which is literally located in our backyard is also one of the deadliest when it breaks its silence. On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, Mayon Volcano broke its silence with a phreatic explosion! Everyone within seeing distance witnessed the thick cloud of ash as it went up from the Volcano's crater.

When I looked out at our yard, I saw the dark column rising high in the sky. I immediately took some photos with my Samsung Galaxy Y camera. We were afraid the thick ash was going to fall here at our place but luckily there was a strong wind that blew it a few kilometers ahead. But a few still fell here and the overpowering smell of sulfur was in the air. I was afraid my little boy would inhale it because even though the windows were closed, the smell still penetrate. I'm very thankful that it rained that evening and the following days so the ash and sulfuric smell were washed away.

We were able to go scot-free from the explosion but unfortunately, there were casualties. Some mountaineers, foreign and local, were on the slopes when the phreatic explosion happened on Tuesday. A total of five people died, four of which are foreigners and the other one was a local guide. The others suffered burns and injuries but are alive. They've all be retrieved and rescued now through the effort of the local government.

Here are some photos of the explosion: