May 22, 2012

Kinahulogan Falls: Cool Wonder of Nature!

Kinahulogan Falls (Photo Credit: Doods Gigantoca)
 A few weeks ago I promised I would tell you about another great spot we went to in Sabang right after we left the pristine Aguirangan Island. We'll here it is and it's called Kinahulogan Falls! My brother-in-law said that it's a great falls but I really didn't know what to expect. All I could think of was that it's going to be another adventure! Before we even stopped by the shoreline, I could already see that the shore was full of rocks; it wasn't sand as most beaches have. When our boat stopped by the shoreline, we immediately got out and I got a closer look at the rocks which looked like the igneous kind.

The Way Up (Photo Credit: Doods Gigantoca)
It was about 5 to 10 minutes walk from the shoreline to the foot of Kinahulogan Falls. And when we reached the entrance, we didn't see the Falls just yet. We had to hike for a little bit because it was uphill! And the terrain wasn't easy! It was very rocky and we really had to careful where we place our foot or else we'll slip and get injured. Some of the rocks we stepped on were sharp so it was a good thing we had our slippers on. Other parts were slippery as can be expected from places like it. It was also a good thing we didn't carry much or we would have been in trouble!

But upon seeing the Falls and the water below it made the challenging hike all worthwhile! The water was cold but it was clean. The pool formed below the Falls was clear and I could see all the way down to my foot. Well, that was at the shallow part. The part where the water actually falls was quite deep but the water was just as clean. We stayed for about 30 minutes just taking pictures and dipping in the icy cold water. It was so much fun!

Clear Water (Photo Credit: Doods Gigantoca)
With my experience there, I'd say Kinahulogan Falls is one of the hidden treasures of Sabang, Camarines Norte! If you happen to be in the area don't forget to pay it a visit. It'll be worth it!


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